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According to the Law of Attraction, we manifest and attract money through thoughts and feelings. (To learn more about The Law of Attraction, I highly recommend you watch the movie “The Secret” also, add to your reading list The Trilogy of Esther and Jerry Hicks: “The Law of Attraction”).

So, let’s talk about how you think of money. Since positive thinking manifests through what you think and say, positive thoughts and words about money manifest accordingly. Conversely, if you think you do not, or will not, have enough money, that manifests in your life as well.

In the process of wealth creation it is necessary to employ positive thinking. And even though you think about yourself as a rich person, and employ all affirmations possible, obstacles and incongruence may still negatively impact your financial situation.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the second part of The law of Attraction: how you feel about money, your emotional reaction to thoughts about receiving and having money, are sensed by your body, which is attracting and creating your current money situation.

And this part of the Law of Attraction is more important to remember, because your body is the magnet that attracts your wealth. Here’s why: only 5% of your mind is conscious — this is the thinking mind that you use to create affirmations; 95% of your mind is subconscious — it holds past memories of money-related trauma, failures, and forms your core belief about money.

This is your Money Blueprint. Your Money Blueprint is located in the cells of your body and is responsible for your current financial situation.

As you see, your body’s cells hold your “feelings about the money.” Therefore, the best way to change your finances should start from healing your body. Your body is the magnet that attracts money, success, relationships — all that surrounds you. The key to your success is in you (your body). Accessing your body’s information, (or, your Money Blueprint) enables you to release this negative information about money. This is essential to realizing your big dreams and ambitions.

This article is the first in a series that will help you learn how to use your body as the most magnificent tool of money attraction.

What follows is “The Money Meditation.” This energy work employs your chakras (learn more about chakras from my website, Chakras are the portals where energetic information enters the body; this energy is filtered according to your belief system; it is transported to its destination, where it assimilated; it then manifests on the physical level. Even if you know nothing about chakras, you will experience good results. Just follow the steps and allow your body to lead you through this meditation and show you where chakras are located.

The Money Meditation:

1. Sit in a comfortable chair. Relax.

2. Start to breathe with healing breaths: inhale trough the nose, exhale through the mouth, make the sound of the wind, pushing the air through the lips as you do when you say “O”. Keep breathing this way throughout the meditation.

3. Start to inhale into your 1st Chakra (the place where you sit). When you inhale, say to yourself:” I am inhaling money,” and when you exhale, say to yourself: “ I am exhaling the lack of money.” Keep breathing and saying these words, until you feel that your chakra has become full and heavy.

4. Repeat this step with all chakras:

· Second

· Third

· Lower Heart Chakra

· Heart Chakra

· Upper Heart Chakra

· Throat Chakra

· Sixth Chakra

· Crown Chakra

5. Recall the memory and feeling of having money. Put this feeling under your feet. Take a few, deep breaths (again, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth). Hold this feeling for a couple of minutes.

6. Extend the feeling of having money to the Center of the Earth. Take a few deep breaths (again, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth). Hold the feeling for a few minutes. Enjoy. Be happy.

7. Focus your attention at the tailbone. Relax.

8. Observe your body. Feel your money!!!

Congratulations! You just programmed your body to receive money. Do this meditation every week, along with the weekly planning of the financial goals you desire.

Good luck! As always, please leave your comments or questions — I love to hear your stories!

I’ve got so excited when i found this article on Facebook!This is a scientific evidence and confirmation that Quantum Healing works with the cellular memories or bank of information, stored in our DNA in form of energy. Any emotional trauma, negative beliefs and attitudes, pain, addictions or depression are manifestation and reflection of these energies – files of information. Quantum healing is a process of movement of the energy at the root cause of any issue,physical,emotional or financial. The Quantum Healing is a key or a tool to change our genetic information, release old negative patterns and programs,therefore to change ourselves. Welcome to the Golden Era of opening human potentials!

There is always higher level,where you can go. There is more what you can achieve.
I love success. After many years of confusion and failures I understood that success needs to be cherished and appreciated. Every day should be celebrated and I have to honor myself for each small little success. I need to acknowledge my successes,so i can see and feel that i am successful!
Today i am celebrating my success and a great success of my client, Ralph Liberto. It is not just simple testimonial, it is a Victory of The Spirit. Ralph, despite all circumstances,doubts and fears had WON.
What I love about my business that i help people to achieve impossible goals and open up possibilities to create the best life scenario. I am proud of Ralph Liberto, I am proud of myself. We did it!!!
Thank you for joining us in our celebration of Life and the Victory of Spirit. It is wonderful!
Alexandra Tselouiko,RN,AADP,the creator of the Money Blueprint Transformation Program

The Money Blueprint Transformation Program Testimonial of Ralph Liberto

“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”

Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933);
Author, Educator, Clergyman

From Mr. Van Dyke’s quote, we can easily deduce the following:
Time is relative.
Time is important.
Time is valuable.
Time is an asset.
We can also see that we determine our relationship to Time through our thoughts and feelings. The following two questions will help to assess how you relate to Time:

  • Can you readily proclaim: “I have plenty of time to get what I want?”
  • Or, are you more likely to proclaim: “I don’t have enough time to …”?

… and, it’s from this point that we will pick up from the conversation about time that was the subject of my last article “How never to be late. Easy steps to tame your time.”
As you become increasingly aware of your own powers as the creator of your life and reality, you learn more about the Law of Attraction. You start to pay attention to your choice of words and the statements you make – particularly regarding life’s important issues.
The Law of Attraction states: “You attract into your life that which you think, say, and feel.” Or “What you give, you receive!” So, to get a better sense of what you are communicating to the Universe regarding Time, let’s take a close look at your time-related declarations. For example, how often during a 30-day period do you state: “I don’t have time for…”?
IMPORTANT! Please, do not make this statement!
REMEMBER: What you say, you attract! So, whenever you are thinking about time related-issues, and you start to hear that thought forming in your mind, stop it before it gets to your tongue! You’re probably thinking: “easier said than done!” So, here’s what you should do instead.

How to make time work for you, not against you.
Following are a few simple guidelines I have developed to work with time-related issues, and to make time work for me.

  • Be mindful of your what you say and how you say it (your choice of words, your intentions).
  • Establish a positive relationship with time. Create your own positive affirmation about time — or use one of mine (these affirmations provide me all the time I need, and changed my attitude from “have not,” to “have in abundance!”).

“I am always on time.” (See the previous article about being late).

“I am perfectly attuned to time.”

In other words, I am attuned to my time: I am on time, in time, beyond time; everything I do is timed correctly; I have faith that I do everything at the right moment in my life.

It’s amazing the way this works! Most of the time, when I look at the clock, it’s either ‘on the hour’ (for example 5:00, 3:00, 12:00) or, it’s showing a sequence of identical numbers, (for example, 1:11, 11:11, 12:12, 5:55 and so on). Interesting, right?

  • Give yourself a moment before responding to an invitation. If someone invites you to an event, workout session, or whatever, how should you respond? Do you reflexively think, “I haven’t the time”? Take a minute to get your thoughts together. Just wait, take a breath, and don’t respond. Meanwhile, ask yourself: “Can this be an opportunity for me to gain or experience something wonderful? Can it be for my Highest Good?”

If you don’t feel that it is right for you, and you feel completely negative about the invitation – firmly say “No, but thank you very much for asking,” and tactfully end the conversation. It’s as simple as that. There is no need to waste time giving excuses or explanations. Don’t let your concerns about their ‘feelings’ force you into the apologetic mode. You are actually saving their time by giving a straight answer, and you will be doing both yourselves a favor.

If you feel, on the other hand, that accepting this invitation might be interesting or useful, respond by saying: “I need more time to think about it.” Mark it on your calendar with a question (?) mark. Revisit this question (?) the same day, and/or the next day, and again, ask yourself: “Can this be a wonderful opportunity that might change my life?” “Can this possibly enable me to make more money, save more money, meet friends, have fun, travel, etc.?”

You will never know, unless you give yourself the chance to think about it — give yourself a chance to use your intuition. Be open and expect great things to come on your way!

Think about time as a personal asset. Time is money. Remember, if you state: “I don’t have the time,” you will lose this important asset. Acknowledge the power of words. Use them wisely.
My affirmation about this is “ I have all the time in the World!”
Use this while you are training your mind to overcome your old, reflexive intentions. Be persistent and patient with yourself. Give yourself time to harvest the benefits. They will come soon enough.
Finally, ask yourself: “I think that I don’t have time. Is that so…? Or I do?” What do you know about time? What are the possibilities that you can create more time in your life? So, keep open mind and accept the concept that “I have time.” Because you do.
And, please read my next article, entitled: “How To Get More Out of Life?”
And, enjoy your time on this Planet!

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